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IngredientsUpdated 2 years ago

What are your active ingredients?

All Reprise products use 100% full-spectrum, plant-based extracts as their active ingredients.

Why are full-spectrum extracts better than standardized extracts? 

Extracted using the traditional method, our full-spectrum extracts contain all the natural constituents in their natural ratios. This allows complex compounds within a herb to work together to achieve results that no single compound can realize. This is unlike standardized extracts where specific compounds are isolated, which may impact herb efficacy.

Are herbal supplements just as effective in gummies?

Yes. Our gummies contain the same extracts found in the traditional forms (e.g., pills, capsules and tablets).  

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

We partnered with a fifth-generation Taiwanese family company who have been sourcing and processing the highest-quality Chinese herbs. 

Are any artificial colors/dyes are used?

No! The colors come naturally from the full spectrum herbal extracts used.

Are Reprise products vegan/vegetarian?

Yes, all Reprise gummies are vegan and do not contain animal products such as gelatin.

Are Reprise products gluten-free?

Yes, Reprise gummies contain no gluten. 

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